Power, Cables and Electronics

Hive Lighting understands that different production environments pose different challenges, especially when it comes to powering your lighting equipment.  Hive provides a wide array of power supplies, cables and battery solutions to give our customers the flexibility they need without giving up the low-power draw of all our products.

Hive Lighting’s power supplies are specific to wattage but not to fixture.  This means you can use the same 250 AC power supply for both your Wasp 250 and Bee 250 fixtures, and either units’ header cables are compatible with the other.  This power supply compatibility is true of our 1000 Watt fixtures as well.

Hive Power Supplies:

  • 250 – ACP  Bee/Wasp 250 AC only Power Supply
  • 250 – 2ACP  Bee/Wasp 250 Dual AC only Power Supply
  • 250 – ACDCP  Bee/Wasp 250 AC & DC Power Supply
  • 250 – DCVR  Bee/Wasp 250 DC Voltage Regulator
  • 1K-120VBAL  Plasma 1000 100V-120V Ballast
  • 1K-220VBAL  Plasma 1000 200V-240V Ballast


250 AC Only Power Supply


This single AC power supply will power one of Hive Lighting’s Bee 250 or Wasp 250 fixtures.  This universal AC power supply accepts 90 – 300VAC and outputs 28VDC to the fixture, which can be controlled by the illuminated rocker switch on the power supply.

250 Dual AC Power Supply

The Dual AC power supply will run two lights from one power supply and a single AC power source.  This universal AC power supply accepts 90 – 300V AC power and outputs 28VDC out of two DC sockets, powering two different fixtures at the same time.  Each socket has an individual on/off switch to control the power of its respective fixture.


250 AC and DC Power Supply

This power supply is both an AC to DC converter that will run a Wasp 250 or Bee 250 on AC power.  It also has a DC regulator that allows for multiple DC power sources to power a Wasp or Bee 250.  This power supply has a 3-pin XLR input for DC power sources that are not a regulated 28VDC, since many batteries have different voltages and/or floating voltages. It will accept any battery source that produces 18 – 38VDC and regulated to 28VDC output.  It will also accept any 90 – 300V AC power source.

Direct Battery Option:

Since the Wasp 250 and Bee 250 are natively DC, the lights can be directly powered from a battery source.  This requires a battery with a regulated 28V DC output.  Hive Lighting recommends the 2-block and 4-block Power Stations produced by BlueShape.  These blocks will not only power Hive’s lights, but can accept the same V-mount and Gold Mount batteries used to power professional cameras.

Header Cables


Hive Lighting provides a selection of weather-proof, insulated power cables for any production situation.  Our 250W header cables come in three lengths: 15ft, 25ft and 50ft.  They also have a l-connector option.

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