Lenses & Modifiers

Hive Lenses, Soft Boxes, Beauty Dishes, and Leko Spot


Hive Lighting offers a wide variety of lighting control options for our Wasp and Bee product lines.  Many of these accessories can be used throughout the entire product line like the soft boxes produced for Hive by Chimera.  Others like the ETC source 4 are uniquely designed to be used with specific fixture.  All of Hive’s fixtures start as a strong single point source, these different accessories allow the user to create different soft or hard sources out of a single fixture, using the same light for a long throw stop, or a soft wrapping beauty light. Overall the goal of these accessories are the same, to offer our customers the most flexible lighting tools possible.  Each production scenario is unique and at Hive Lighting we strive to provide you with all the tools you need to ensure our lighting fixtures can help you take on any lighting challenge.




The Wasp 250 and Wasp 1000 come with a four-piece HDP lens set to narrow or widen the beam. Hive also makes a premium glass lens set that you can buy separately. Both glass diffusion and holographic diffusion lenses come in a traditional set of narrow, medium, wide and super wide for a full range of beam angles.


Soft Boxes

Hive Lighting’s soft boxes produced by Chimera offer the simple set-up and durable material that has made this fellow American manufacturer the trusted brand in light banks.  Featuring a soft silver interior the light modifier allows the light source to fill the front diffusion screen while still providing an effective beam of light.


Speed Rings

Made from spun aluminum these speed ring manufactured by Chimera for Hive Lighting’s Wasp and Bee product lines. This heavy duty, all metal, ring was designed to withstand the rigors of set.  The 16 point speed ring is designed to carry the new parabolic reflectors which can be used with our without front diffusion depending on the desired effect. The 8 point speed ring supports a variety of octagonal light bank diffusion, deep or shallow, including collapsible beauty dishes and small, medium and large “octa” soft boxes.  The 4 point speed ring supports a variety of shapes such as “strip”, “square”, “pancake”, “deep”, “shallow” small, medium and large rectangular soft boxes.

Leko Spot

Without adapters, modifications or customization our Wasp 250 is designed to use ETC’s popular Source 4 lenses to create theatrical style “Leko” style spot light.  This also allows the Wasp 250 to be full compatible with the entire ETC ecosystem including gobos, gel frames, etc.  Simply remove the back from a Source 4 fixture by removing two screws.  Then slide the barrel and lenses from any full sized Source 4 directly on to the face of a Wasp 250 as you would with any of our other lenses or light modifiers.


Barn Doors

Hive’s barn door accessories allows the user to shape and direct the light from your Hive fixture. Designed to quickly and easily slip on to the front of the various Hive Lighting heads, the barn doors offer four individually adjusted doors for controlling light output. Users will be able to shape the light and create slash effects, as well as limit where light falls on the scene.

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