Hive’s plasma bulbs are electrode-less, filament free and unpressurized with an inert noble gas fill. The result is a vibration, impact and weather resistant lamp. The bulb will maintain high output and color quality for 30,000 hours of operation, and will produce light for 50,000. The electronics are rated for over 100,000 hours in IP65 conditions. While no technology is completely indestructible, plasma bulbs have become the go to choice in many mission critical lighting applications inside and outside the entertainment lighting world.



Hive’s lights on Frank Stella’s sculptures on the rooftop of the new Whitney Museum during Stella’s retrospective.

2014-06-29 00.30.49

2014-06-29 00.24.32

Hive lights on Jeff Koon’s “Split Rocker” sculpture in NYC’s Rockefeller Center. 


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