Wasp 100-C 5″ 4 Point Quick Release Speed Ring
Wasp 100-C 5" 4 Point Quick Release Speed Ring
$ 168 USD

This Product Ships Within 3-5 Business Days.


This spun aluminum speed ring is manufactured by Chimera for Hive Lighting’s Wasp 100-C.  Designed to support any 4 point rectangular soft box from any manufacturer, including diffusing light banks designed for photo or film.  This heavy-duty all-metal ring was designed to withstand the rigors of set and allows for full rotation while mounted.

The Quick Release Speed Ring releases the tension of the wands in the frame of your soft box, allowing it to collapse easily for breakdown, or for moving on quickly to the next setup without disassembling the box.

For use with Wasp 100-C 22, degree stock reflector.

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